May 13, 2017

What did Kathmandu? He showed his Nepal.

Okay! I admit that was a terrible icebreaker. So, you all must have got idea where I am from. It has only been 2.5 years since programming has become the part of my life. As a student, programming is and will always be the intriguing part of learning. Along the path of introducing myself with different tools and technologies, I got to start blogging as the result of interest and curiosity, and here is my first gibberish post talking about myself, although all details are around this site.

Starting with the blog wasn’t that hard. The hard part, what I think, has been and would be to have the content worked out for the post. Before starting to fill the pages, most of the time I find myself caught in questions like “What am I blogging? Why would anyone come to my blog? What’s in for readers?…” Before you know, you’ll find yourself swapping betweens tabs open in your browser with search results for “How to start…”, exactly how I got started for my blog.

Basically this is the introductory post to start my journy of blogging. I’ll be sharing some of my views, news , and discussions upon some topic that I may find worthing posting. If there are any thing you’ll like to share , any comments/suggestions are heartly welcomed. Thanks for being here and reading all my nonsense. So, see you soon in another post.